EMBEDDED SYSTEMS is a specialized computer system dedicated to do one or 2 tasks unlike a general purpose computer. The best examples of embedded systems are mouse, keyboard, etc.

Engineering students in electronics, E&TC fields have many subjects to do their projects on. Embedded systems have always been a hot topic among majority of the students. We love embedded systems too and are very passionate about it. We have spent years and years to touch every new technology that comes up and it is just getting interesting day by day. We provide project guidance to engineering students in categories listed on the website.

Apart from this, we also find great pleasure in training engineering students on Embedded Systems. We have designed a best embedded systems course keeping in mind the gap between education and industry which can benefit the student by all means.

 BATCH STARTS ON 10th and 25th OF EVERY MONTH .!!!.

If you have any queries related to Embedded Courses, Robotics Courses or Project related queries, feel free to call us or drop an offline message on the chat window. We will respond to you within 24 hours.

Embedsol Technologies was incorporated in the year 2010 in Pune. We are into embedded systems training and project guidance. Apart from this we have an industrial segment where we manufacture LED display based products.